The Work We're Doing

Humanity Unleashed is in the process of developing the software to allow intelligent, dynamic and meritocratic distribution of resources to programs doing demonstrable good all over the world.  To donate to Humanity Unleashed directly in support of our ongoing projects outlined in the "Mission" section, Click Here.

In the meantime, we facilitate donation by providing a curated list of effective charities for donors, and offer a free matching service that pairs interested parties, both individuals and organizations, to facilitate resource and information sharing.

Please follow the links below to donate or add you information to the matching system.


For donors

If you are interested in donating to a charity that has proven efficacy in your area of choice, Click Here.

If you are interested in providing time or professional services to currently operating charitable organizations, Click Here.


For nonprofits

If you are interested in being paired with individuals to provide in-kind donation of time and services, or if you are interested in sharing information or resources with other nonprofits in related fields, Click Here.